Our property is located on the fertile Red Gum plains on the western outskirts of Bairnsdale, in what is known as the "Riviera" of Victoria. Within an easy 2 1/2 hour drive from Melbourne, and very close to the Gippsland Lakes to the south and the snowfields in the alps to the north. We normally enjoy a delightfully temperate climate, where the rainfall is regular and usually quite adequate, often when other areas suffer dry spells.

Our understanding of what is best for the alpacas, and how to handle them, has been gained by research, discussion with other breeders, and attendance at specialist seminars. We will continue to enhance our knowledge by fact finding visits to other alpaca studs, nationally and internationally.

The property has been set up specifically for alpacas. We started with a quality pasture and two dams which would adequately support any livestock. We positioned the new farmhouse to command uninterrupted views of a nursery paddock and other surrounding paddocks, all fenced in new ringlock wire fencing. Substantial equipment and animal shelter sheds, together with wind protected yarding, have been built to give the alpacas the best facilities they can have. We have been accused of 'pampering' our animals. Of this, we don't mind. Riviera Alpacas will get the best attention and treatment possible.

Riviera Alpacas